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About Us

The All New 2021 Division of The Pick Up Chix is a Family owned and operated Clearing and Removal Service run by a Survivor, An Amazing Crew and helpful Volunteers.

It truly is A LABOR OF LOVE.... founded on the belief that Community spirit is Key to helping those in need and believes Everyone Should Pay it Forward.

Since Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May of 1998. Founder Stacy Mychael Gradaille has been active in her life and career choices in providing a platform to make a difference in the world

So Now 23 years after her original diagnosis, and a Miracle Child after chemotherapy, she decided to start this clearing company to set an example for her own child and create a positive professional service available to help recycle unwanted items back into the community and to give back in her spare time.

Here's how it all started in her very own words: 

We noticed there were a lot of treasures out there that some considered Junk and began cleaning out our own closets to see what we could resell to benefit Breast Cancer. Soon after we became flooded with calls from our own family members asking us if we wanted to come and get some items they were going to throw away.  

What started out as a weekend hobby has now blossomed into a full Blown Mission and A Labor of Love..... 

By Cleaning out your own Closet and getting rid of your clean, reusable furniture and household items - you can help recycle too!

If its useable We'll PICK IT UP FOR FREE! But if you want it out and we cant use it ` we are a clearing service we can arrange to do that too...If we cant we can tell you who Can we are all in this together!

Our Clearing Service proudly supports Cancer related organizations, local families in need and offers community support as well.

Funds raised go toward Operating expenses Gas for Pick Ups, Storage Space to store the items we recycle, and keeping us up an runnin'

We are a clearing company and would welcome the opportunity to Pick Up any and all of your clean, reusable, disposable items and get them out of your hair while using the unwanted to bring joy to the less fortunate. It may seem like Nothing; But Nothing Can Be Everything. In fact, Every little bit counts...

One last thing to mention, we could have never made this idea happen if it wasn't for all the girls (and guys) who have come together to donate their time, as well as to assist with the pick ups, clearings and Deliveries. And Special thanks to everyone who helped make this all possible Cindy Clark, Bridget Birdsall Survivor, Janell Caruthers, Gladdy & Coli, Penny, Julie Seaver Compass, Keith, Kevin, Lisa SFEB, Marcy, Tom. Beatrice Prudential Realty, Caldwell Banker Realty, Carol & Heath Option One Realty,  Arnold Jacobs, Keller Williams Realty, all of our FB Friends, Clients & Supporters and The Pick Up Dudes: Edwin Marcano, Kevin, Julio, Jose Gradaille Brandon, Lester, Andy, Derrick and Corey who believe in us and give us countless hours of their time in the spirit of love and friendship. 

Stacy "Mychael" Gradaille

A Pink Ribbon Sister & 23 Year Survivor on a Mission

Diagnosed May 18, 1998

Call us to Schedule an Evaluation for Service

and Schedule Your Pick up TODAY!

(561) 531-0825 


Servicing Palm Beach County and Surrounding Vicinity

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